This 2011 GMC Acadia buyer says he got a raw deal on eBay Motors. Buyer claims the seller fearing negative feedback marked the Acadia auction as unpaid, a loophole that hid the negative review he left his seller. 😥

Stories like this one are sad to hear. But buyers of motor vehicles should do their homework (inspection title research etc) before bidding or purchasing. Read Doc’s Car Buying Guide first before buying a motor vehicle online! 😉

This website is dedicated to educating motor vehicle buying consumers how to prevent bad deals. Unfortunately our message is silenced by corporate America who are only concerned with profits.

Partial topic from the motors community forum by member jsvr22.

Here are the facts of the eBay Motors transaction. I will start by saying I am 2400 miles away from Philadelphia, PA where the dealership or dealerships are.

eBay Motors Negative Experience Buying SUV
Tale of woe from a 2011 GMC Acadia SUV buyer that did not have the motor vehicle inspected before buying.

I purchased a car on eBay after bidding on an auction. The auction closed on Christmas Eve at 6:21 p.m. The seller did not accept a down payment though eBay. (I came to find out that this was part of the scam) The listing said the item needed to be paid in full in 3 days. I contacted “Gary” the seller about the payment since Christmas Sunday was the 2nd day, and I would only have one business to send the complete payment. He insisted that I would have to pay on Monday 12/26/2017.

I asked him if I should arrange shipping or if he had someone he worked with. He said he would arrange shipping and quoted me around $1300. Gary told me that his business was not listed as the eBay seller. (this is the shell game part of the scam) He sent me the bank wiring number. I took the day off of work and sat at the bank until the wire was completed.

I sent Gary a message shortly after the wire was completed. I asked him to verify he had received my payment. He asked if I could call his instead of text. (also part of the scam to never have any proof in writing or text). During this phone conversation I asked Gary when the shipping was scheduled for. Gary told me he did not own the car yet and now that he had my money he would go buy it, and would schedule the transport after he did.

I informed Gary that I was going to be in Philadelphia the next day and expected to pick up the vehicle and title that I had paid for in full more than 24 hours before. I truly believed that if I did not go there I would never see the vehicle or my money again. I was prepared to call the local police and have arrests made if this fraud was carried any further.

So after waiting more than 6 hours in 12 degree weather for a car that was supposed to already belong to me and after being subtly threatened with Russian Connected people, I was not going to spend any more time waiting before getting out of there.

So did the dealer safety inspect this car and make necessary repairs that one expects from a dealer? Of course not. They did not even own the car until hours after I was in the dealership waiting for it. Was it safe to drive more than 2400 miles? NO! There were lights not working, the wipers did not work, the check engine light came on in the first hour, and the brakes need to be replaced.

So what is my recourse? One would think that I could make a proper review on eBay. NOPE, there is a loop hole. Gary never marked the item as paid. On January 14, 2018, after I had a complete inspection on the vehicle, I finally filed a review on eBay. About an hour later Gary fraudulently marked the item as “unpaid” so that it look like I did not honor my end of the purchase. Because of the item/purchase being in dispute the review will never show up on eBay or alert others of the scam.

After two phone calls to eBay I found out that they are unwilling to do anything and will allow him to run this scam on eBay and make the review disappear. I insisted that I would send all of the receipts with all of the dates on the wire, title, notary, and purchase agreement from Carspot Inc. They said they would not consider any of these documents as I could have forged all of them. I asked “why would I forge all of those items to be able to leave seller feedback.” They had no answer and did not care. All of this fell on deaf ears. Each of the people I talked to at eBay attempted to pass me off on another department, but the bottom line was that eBay will not do anything to prevent this seller from scamming people on eBay.

So fraud? Yes, I believed I was buying from a reputable eBay seller that was a car dealer. I would have never spent that much money buying an uninspected and unsafe vehicle. I was forced to pay fees twice. I spent more than $2000 getting to Philadelphia, driving home, making repairs along the way. He has also fraudulently alerted eBay of non-payment. I have an interstate banking receipt that matches the purchase agreement and will there for be filing a report with the F,B.I. asking for payment again fraudulently, as the eBay message I have says that I still need to pay the seller again.

Of course the other recourse is to spread the word on social media as far and wide as I can and warn others about the allowed loopholes of eBay Motors.

The full topic is here on eBay Motors community forum. Here is a link to the 2011 GMC Acadia listing on eBay Motors.

Friends it’s absolutely imperative to research any vehicle bought online. Northern vehicles are prone to rust and many have sustained collision damage due to icy roads in the winter.

The 1st thing Doc recommends is verifying (private sellers) the vehicle is titled in the sellers name. Being aware many curbstoners are flipping open titled motor vehicles on the net that may not be transferable into the next buyers name.

The 2nd most important tip from Doc is, Have The Vehicle Inspected if you can’t do it yourself. eBay has a service for vehicle inspections. Searching the net for “Vehicle Inspection” with the cars location or zip code is another option.

And last but not least – do not send payment until you’ve done your homework. PayPal is good for a small deposit to hold a vehicle, but beware vehicle deposits are not covered under their buyer protection.