According to the Proctor Journal, The bidder for the motorized DWI lounge chair emailed the Proctor Police to say, “whoops”.

Clayton Adler wrote: “To whom it may concern. There seems to be a mistake. I did not mean to bid this amount and I can’t afford it.” His bid was $10,099.99.

Adler, 24, is a vice president of ExecTech in Cupertino, CA. Up until the auction, he had a 100 percent positive feedback. “I guess he lost that rating,” Proctor Police Chief Walter Wobig said.

“Adler said his bid was definitely a mistake. “I truly apologize,” he stated. “I thought I had bid $1,500. Next thing I know, I must have bid $15G’s It must have been under automatic bid.” “I have been a ebay user for long time and I have never done any thing weird. I really apologize,” he added.”

Doc thinks this is a big line of eBay sport bidder BS! This guy is a corporate vice president who surly knows the difference between $1500 and $15,000. Plus eBay emails their members when they bid on an item with their details, maximum bid, etc. I’m sure he thought someone would out bid him!

If i were Chief Wobig, I would sue this guy, and i emailed him about doing so before writing this article.  eBay bidders need to be held accountable for their actions. Here is a guy i know that sued a deadbeat social security worker and had her paycheck garnished by the feds!

Clayton Adler bought himself a lesson on eBay auction bidding, and should immediately have a cashiers check sent to pay for the chair. Perhaps he should even put it in his corporate office as a reminder that eBay bids are a binding contract.

Updated 11/10/2009 – 8:35 PM EST.

I just went over to eBay and pulled up the advanced bid history for auction #150385696050 Proctor MN DWI Chair. If you look at the bidders below you will see the last bid placed was by f***s (53)Nov-04-09 at 12:51:07 PST. Note he only bid that one time – and was the high bidder at that time, nobody bid against him to raise his bid by proxy as he is claiming.

eBay you really need to clean this Data Dump of yours up. Now Chief Wobig can’t even neg this eBay joker! Yep that’s right.. eBay thinks their buyers can do no wrong, and prevents sellers from leaving negative or neutral feedback to buyers, but a deadbeat buyer can sure neg an eBay seller!

Oh and Chief Wobig, you should print your failed auction out including the bid history. eBay most likely will be removing this listing from their servers deleting your proof that the listing was won legitimately on their website. They love to sweep stuff like this under the rug!

And be sure to file an unpaid item strike to get a refund on that Final Value Fee eBay charged you.

This deal stinks like 3 day old eBay Raw Fish! I hope the city of Proctor decides to sue this guy and teach him a lesson!

Bid history showing automatic proxy bids on proctor mn dwi chair Item number:150385696050
Bid history showing automatic proxy bids on proctor mn dwi chair Item number:150385696050
Article In Proctor Journal about eBay deadbeat bidder.
Article In Proctor Journal about eBay deadbeat bidder.