Doc became the target of this revenge smear campaign after starting a motor vehicle specific consumer fraud awareness website. He was the 1st Tampa Bay Florida used car dealer to offer automobiles for sale on eBay back in 1999.

Things were great back in 1999, but soon afterword scams and fraud started chipping away at the founders cornerstone of trust. European fraudsters soon were listing non-existent cars for sale at too-good to-be-true prices. Trusting community members were losing their money left and right.

Elanor Car For Sale Scam
Example motor vehicle scam listing, 1968 Mustang “Elanor.”

Doc started a website to educate potential fraud victims how to verify the legitimacy of so called bargain used cars for sale on the venue, then called eBay Motors. Since then he has been DdoS, SQLI, WordPress brute force attacked, and other forms of revenge cyber-attacks, but he managed to bring the site back online after each cyber-attack.

When the hacking didn’t prevent the message from getting out, his attackers started getting revenge taking pot shots at his sellers reputation. They used YouTube and Weebly anonymous trolling accounts to spread lies. They went as far as saying Doc sold stolen used cars on eBay Motors, rolled back odometers, and that eBay threw him off for being a scammer, which was baloney.

This offshore website in Bulgaria is alleged to be funded by the companies black budget slush fund. The person who was outed as the domain owner of the site is also an eBay TRS Joe DeMarco DBA Hubcap Joe, and a corporate video marketing spinner offering insider info on his YouTube channel, crazeenydriver.

If they cant hack the website that outs there wrongdoings, they attack the webmaster, and family. It’s a dirty business that goes on all the time and nobody cares.

All that matters is that bottom line profit – as the feds look the other-way! 🙁