Imagine putting your Honda Accord up for auction and having the auctioneer cancel the bids? That’s what happened to Max Lanman who listed his fiances car on eBay Motors. Lanman a film producer, created a video to accompany his listing which apparently led to sport bidders wreaking havoc. 😥

1996 Honda Accord Auction Cancelled eBay
This 1996 Honda Accord was auctioned on eBay but sport bidders ruined the fun. CarMax made a very generous offer saving the day

From JapoNink: Last week, we all got to experience the beauty that was, in fact, just an ad for a used Honda Accord. Filmmaker Max Lanman made the commercial to help sell his fiancée’s 1996 Accord, which is worth about $1,500, and it worked: The bids got up to $150,000 before eBay canceled the auction for “illegitimate bidding.” Yea we’ve seen that a time or two before.. 😆

Here’s the ad, which is currently at more than 4.4 million views on YouTube. It features a cat, a car nicknamed “Greenie” with more than 141,000 miles on it, scenic waterfront views and an actress instead of Lanman’s fiancée:

The good news is CarMax stepped up to the plate and offered $20,000 for the car! That’s such an awesome thing to do. Here is the official CarMax video.. 😎