Do You Really Think Earning $87 Hourly Working From Home Is A Reality? Possibly if you own an established business, but definitely NOT this work from home get rich quick scheme we debunk!

This one is really slick. It want’s you to think it’s from BBC News, but that’s spoofed. It’s actually being generated by, loading it’s content from

It’s set up to query your city by isp location as the page loads. Then It dynamically adds your city to various locations in it’s text. Makes you think that person in your city is making tons of cash!

Notice the blank locations in this screenshot. We used our Tor browser with no-script active to analise it’s functions without using JavaScript.

Work From Home Scam Exposed 1
This fraudulent work from home website promising easy money is another form of sucker bait on the net

Screenshot of the page header source reveals the dynamically generated page that is blocked from being indexed using this meta noindex nofollow robots exclusion.

Doorway pages like this should never be indexed. It’s a dead giveaway to Google and other web crawlers what the website is about.

Work From Home Scam Exposed 2
View source of this fraudulent websites header exposes robots exclusion.

To encourage a person to sign up and get rich really quick, these FAKE Facebook comments are dynamically generated to appear very recent. The user accounts on Facebook were probably robatically registered as well.

Clicking the add comment link below did not work either. the comments are as fake as the rest of the website. 😆

Work From Home Scam Exposed 3
Fake dynamically generated Facebook comments attempting to add legitimacy to this scam website

We didn’t attempt to “sign up” as the site urges visitors. When mousing over the sites sign up link it appears to be dynamically generated as well.

The website collects a sign up or registration fee. Most likely a multi level marketing or pyramid scheme. If a person receives something for their money it is probably somewhat borderline legal.

Whether a person will be able to make $87 per hour using this technique is highly doubtful. As P.T. Barnum once said, there’s a sucker born every minute! 😥