An occasional seller placed his iPhone 6 up for sale on eBay. As it often happens the buyer filed a Seller Not As Described claim (SNAD) with eBay who froze the funds in his PayPal account.

Photo of damaged iPhone 6 eBay buyer sent to seller See the link below to the sellers website for full details on this failed eBay transaction.

Buyers Photo Damaged iPhone Returned To Defrauded eBay Seller
After placing his mint condition iPhone 6 on eBay the buyer filed a not as described claim

From I found out the hard way that EBay is facilitating the theft of items people post for sale on their site.

I just had an experience with EBay that I find extremely discouraging, and the result is that I will no longer be posting any items for sale on EBay.

EBay’s “Money Back Guarantee program” protects unscrupulous, scam “buyers” by returning their money even if they falsely claim that they received a damaged item, or even that they didn’t receive the item.

The seller is left holding the bag, or in my own case, holding a bogus piece of junk.  Something must be done to address this outrageous situation, before many, many more occasional EBay sellers are scammed.

In the meantime, my recommendation is that you do not post anything for sale on EBay that you are not willing to give away!

We’ve witnessed this many times before on eBay transactions. It’s considered a form of “Friendly Fraud” where sale proceeds are taken back from the seller, and PayPal is their accomplice.

Amazon and other marketplaces even offer an informative guide telling eBay buyers how to steal from sellers.

eBay makes money from their sellers listing items. But eBay also needs buyers to purchase sellers items and thus caters to those buyers.

This article we posted back in September 2014 documents another cellphone seller that got it rammed up his ass by eBay and PayPal.

As witnessed many times in the past eBay will fold if enough negative PR forces their hand. Another example is this hoverboard ripoff last Christmas.

A good alternative iPhone marketplace is that I’ve personally had good results selling previous smarphones on. Don’t post anything for sale on EBay that you are not willing to give away.

Update 11/07/16: David Tarver reports an eBay Representative reached out and reversed it’s earlier decision releasing the hold on his PayPal funds. Adds a whole new definition to the old saying – the squeaky wheel gets the grease!