eBay shoppers are Seeing RED Literally. An Unsafe Content Warning is blocking sellers descriptions, according to eBay community forums.

eBay Unsafe Content Warning

This malware alert is coming from Microsoft Windows 10 and it’s Edge Browser. It’s anyone’s best guess if this is a false positive. eBay is well known for malware alerts.

From the selling community forum.

It started last night. I was on the phone with CS until midnight, which of course, they knew nothing about it. I told them I was using the latest versions of windows 10 and IE. It was not happening on Firefox or any other site, just Ebay, which makes it an Ebay issue, not a browser issue.

I spent hours this morning trying all kinds of things. I did not have any recent updates and everything was fine until last night. The address bar is pink instead of white and there is a re X after the URL, and also the big red box with an X in it, instead of the description. The rest of the page shows fine. Maybe Ebay added some code or something to the description, that we can’t see.

When you click on the red X in the browser, it says that Microsoft says that it is a known site for malware, phishing, etc. No surprises there!!

I tried a system restore from a couple of days ago and it did the same thing, which was not happening a couple of days ago. I also could plainly see that I had no recent updates, so don’t tell people that is what is causing it. Why is it always something wrong with people’s computers when Ebay continuously messes up the site??

I finally shut the smart screen filter, which is not a good thing to do, and it worked. As long as microsoft sees this as a dangerous site, you will not be able to see Ebay correctly in IE.

So that means that any of my customers using IE, can no longer see my descriptions. Thanks Ebay!!

Personally speaking, Windows 10 and especially Microsoft Edge Browser is a horrible combination. Unfortunately if you buy a store bought computer it’s what you get. We suggest using either Firefox or Google Chrome web browser.