For the second time in close to a year our CloudFlare supplied SSL security certificate was revoked. Like the 1st time, the rat fink targeted CloudFlare who provides our primary transport layer encryption certificate.

Fortunately for us, we have backup certs installed on our server and were able to successfully switch to them while CloudFlare verified our credentials with their certificate authority. The false claim was eventually resolved.

CloudFlare SSL Certificate Revoked After Domain Falsely Flagged For Phishing
CloudFlare support ticket confirming our domain was falsely flagged for fraud.

It’s really this simple – domain is fair use of the eBay trade name. This website does not solicit donations, run ppc ads, or otherwise attempt to make a profit. The sucks as used in this domain is also fair use, and was registered back in 2004 when “sucks” was common in domain names.

eBay Inc has an arsenal of dirty tricks. These tricks include social media trolls and other malicious dirty deeds used to silence naysayers.

We have not published much this year and very little in 2015, but since someone want’s to play the flag my ssl certificate game guess it’s past due. There is a ton of dirty laundry on the net waiting to be dug up and blogged about.

As an example how consumers get defrauded, here is an eBay Motors buyer that lost $20,000 to a car scam. Doc tries his best to reach out to consumers and save them from loosing their money. Unfortunately there are those who feel the fees are more important than their members safety and security.

Read Doc’s car buying advice article (link above) first before sending payment. The butt you save might just wind up being your own! 😉