Whatever Happened To eBay Trust And Community Values? It’s our opinion all that matters to eBay Inc is their sellers fees!

Bad eBay Motors Car DealersWe have blogged about this eBay Motors car dealer seller twice before.

The seller is alleged to be have been suspended (NARU in eBay speak) but comes back again and again and again.

And is allowed to freely register new sellers accounts.

Once again we suggest eBay enable ID Verify for vehicle sellers that are new and have no track record.

Doc went through the ID Verify process back when the motors site started losing it’s credibility. He talks about how he built his good reputation selling used cars on eBay Motors in this video. But today it appears eBay is only interested in collecting their sellers fees. πŸ™„

Devin Wenig eBay CEOIt’s our opinion that former eBay CEO John Donahoe did a number on eBay trust and community values that made selling big ticket items like cars a great success.

Maybe it’s new CEO Devin Wenig will be able to restore the magic that made eBay great. πŸ™‚

If a consumer gets ripped off by a bad car dealer on eBay Motors they just say we’re sorry.

Buying cars does not offer the same buyer protection that buying a widget on the eBay core website offers.

There is such a thing as eBay vehicle purchase protection (vpp) but it has many exclusions. We suggest any potential car buyer read it’s fine print.

But onto today’s article. This eBay Motors car seller we are blogging about tonight has allegedly sold one man a flood car, stuck another eBay buyer by shipping a Cadillac advertised with free shipping COD.

We have been following comments on a popular website called scamguard.com where two eBay car buyers have posted tales of woe after allegedly dealing with this seller.

This comment arrived today in our inbox:
Comment by David. Justin Chance Spector, the known felon and scam artist has a new eBay account – palmbeachcollectibles

While Justin is still selling the same 5 cars that were on his previous accounts, he does have a new phone number: 561-203-5013

Justin Chance Spector, the known felon currently has these cars listed
under eBay account palmbeachcollectibles.

1998 Jaguar – VIN: SAJKX624XWC821655
1991 Chevrolet Camaro – VIN: 1G1FP23TXML166658
1990 Jaguar XJS – VIN: SAJNW4846LC168099 (Justin paid less
1992 Mercedes S class – VIN: WDBGA42E9NA017536
2001 BMW 740iL – VIN: WBAGH83431DP21666

Justin Chance Spector has unregistered the bluesky_properties and the applepalmbeach accounts (due to being caught in another scam and received negative feedback), but continues to have phone numbers 954-361-1564, 305-985-4318 and 561-260-5355 that were associated with those accounts active. He is also selling the following two vehicles under his floridaautodetail eBay account.

1988 Buick Reatta Coupe – VIN: 1G4EC11C9JB904555
1999 Cadillac Seville SLS – VIN: 1G6KS54YXXU931420

Again, most of these cars have been for sale by Justin in the past and many of them have been sold numerous times, only to be relisted by Justin for resale due to him being caught at his con artist game. Justin Chance Spector cannot be trusted. If you deal with him, please turn him into the Boca Raton Police department.

eBay Seller BlueSkyProperties NARU

Meanwhile we have become the victim of a reputation management revenge smear campaign launched against our publisher and admin Doc. We have no doubt eBay is behind the attack revenge smear campaign. πŸ™„

Doc is proud of his seller’s account feedback from years ago. Note the ID Verify Icon on Doc’s feedback profile. When you’re selling big ticket items like used cars, being ID Verified helps to ensure trust.

He is especially proud that since 2004 ebaymotorssucks.com has saved countless would be victims of vehicle used car fraud and bad seller misrepresentation.

It’s Doc’s opinion without its founders eBay trust and community values, is no different than any other common online car for sale classified website!Β 

Just my two cent’s worth as usual πŸ˜‰