Has John Donahoe Earned His Huge Paycheck As CEO Of eBay Inc?

eBay CEO John DonahoeAnd does he deserve that humongous $23 Million Golden Handshake when leaving the eBay Marketplace?

Lots of small perfectly good sellers who were suspended during John Donahoe’s big push to court name brands most likely don’t think so.

How many small perfectly good eBay sellers lost their livelihood? Homes? Cars? Etc? when tossed out of eBay by John Donahoe?

I used to think Meg Whitman was a bad CEO when she ignored the huge amount of car scams on eBay Motors. Back then when the internet was new to the general public, eBay was a growing marketplace founded on trust and community values.

Cars were something that as a general rule people looked at in person, kicked the tires etc, then haggled out their best deal. But the trust that eBay stood for in it’s early days even made auto sales work long distance. I remember Meg Whitman once saying, they even buy cars on eBay!

I’m sure eBay is selling quite a few cars. But the question is, are the buyers happy with the vehicles they purchased? This buyer claims he bought a car and never received it’s title. This seller has been suspended but is rumored to register new sellers accounts at will (see the articles comments.) This buyer from Norway bought a classic 1978 Cadillac Limousine and when it arrived claimed it was a POS. eBay forum moderators removed his post describing his eBay buying experience.

I often said back in the it’s early days “eBay brought honor to the car business” because you could trust your seller to deliver what was advertised. Back before John Donahoe took over as eBay CEO one of the rules for car sellers was, do not lure the buyer off of eBay to close the sale! It was a suspendable offence to sell your car “off-of-eBay” so to speak and just end the listing as unsold. Seems that rule that helped to keep the trust and community values intact was relaxed after John Donahoe took office.

Reminds me of when GM struck up a deal with eBay to sell new cars on eBay Motors after they emerged from bankruptcy. The GM eBay experiment was soon ended though the press was told it was a success. One GM buyer 661HenryGlenn who looked like a shill buyer trying to build GM’s eBay feedback up bought several cars and left positive feedback moments later. Then in late 2014 after this discussion on automotivenews.com GM’s eBay account and buyer 661HenryGlen simply disappeared. 🙄

I guess this is just how big business operates in this day and age. I was brought up in the 60’s when a persons word was their bond. It’s my opinion that eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s trust and community values that once made eBay great are long gone. Maybe that has something to do with eBay marketplaces decline in growth?

Maybe i should write a book about my eBay experiences and observations over the past eleven years. I bet it would wind up being a top seller. 😀

Oh well.. As i always say.. Just my two cents worth as usual. 😉