Another Crappy Car Deal On eBay Motors. Buyer receives car but does not receive it’s title.

Buyer files claim with eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection for a covered claim. It’s been nearly four months since buying the car. eBay and their insurer Auction Insurance Agency of Birmingham AL is stalling the claim. This is another crappy deal that’s killing the last tiny bit of credibility and trust the motors website once had.

From the eBay Motors Discussion Board: I purchased a vehicle off ebay in early Dec 2014, received the vehicle but never got a legal title or registration from the seller 5588larry (who is now suspended on ebay) rendering the vehicle illegal in my state as my state’s Dept of Motor Vehicles requires paperwork from the vehicle’s actual owner stating it was a legal sale. The seller 5588larry has done this to other seller’s according to the feedback being reported on ebay. I attempted to add my feedback, but ebay’s suspension of seller 5588larry prevents me from doing so.

In Jan 2015 I filed a claim under ebay’s Vehicle Purchase Protection Program (VPP), administered by Auction Insurance Agency in Birmingham, AL for over $6000 and as of the first week of April 2015 (four months after the sale) all I get from ebay and Auction Insurance Agency is delays and non-payment. ebay says under its VPP description on its website that you nomally get reimbursement within 45 days from the date you file a claim, but in my case it’s been nearly 75 days even though the claim was approved by the VPP Administrator.


(1) avoid ebay and its useless VPP
(2) avoid ebay seller 5588larry — there are other victims listed in that seller’s feedback

Now I’m in the process of getting my lawyers in Va Beach to file suits against all parties – ebay, its agent Auction Insurance Agency, and the seller 5588larry above.

In addition I’ve filed fraud complaints with the FBI, the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, and the FTC. My lawyers are also preparing letters to the respective attorneys generals in the states involved.

You see it’s like this. eBay CEO John Donahoe does not have to compete with because amazon does not sell used cars.

It’s my personal opinion from 11 years witnessing some of the carnage that car buyers and sellers go through on eBay Motors. All John Donahoe cares about regarding eBay Motors is the bottom line it brings in each quarter.

It’s really that obvious to anyone that knows the car business, and has been around eBay Motors as long as i have. 🙄

Oh Well.. Just my two cents worth as usual. 😉