eBay Discussions Using Google Analytics
eBay Discussions Using Google Analytics

eBay forum members beware you are being tracked. In a blink of an eye Doc noticed a flash by his browser while a page was loading. Further investigation of eBay discussion boards page source code revealed a snippet of Google Analytics code embedded in the header.

Google Analytics is a finely tuned piece of tracking software that can tell a webmaster just about everything about who is visiting a website. With this code added to the forums header, an eBay member no longer needs to be logged in for eBay to track their visits to the discussion boards.

This is probably the reason most of the archived eBay discussions have been removed from the site. I know external search used to bring up tons of very negative archived forum topics. Deleting archived discussions does nothing to cure the problem at hand!

Meanwhile as the once good mother ship eBay continues to sink further into the abyss, eBay continues to censor the discussions, and manipulate what members they have left by seeding conversations. (as said by John Bodine in the videos below).

And lets not forget the alleged eBay cheerleaders who very well could be company shills and sockpuppets. Also the term astroturfer comes to mind too.

If you are concerned about your privacy on the internet in general. Here are a few recommendations. WWW.CCLEANER.COM does an excellent job of wiping out tracking cookies, temporary internet files, and images used to track you where ever you go on the Internet.

Use a web proxy when visiting sites that are tracking you. One Pro VPN is from WWW.HIDEMYASS.COM and there is the TOR Project that works very well and is FREE!

If you use one of these proxy services DO NOT Log Into Your eBay Account with it connected! eBay will detect the IP and suspend your account!

Oh well.. Such is life inside the eBay Fish Bowl.. Are you a Shark or a Minnow about to be eaten? 🙄

Doc finds it interesting that both of these videos featuring John Bodine, were removed from VgLink’s YouTube channel recently. They were there for better than 2 1/2 Years then went Poof. Kind of like some of the posts on eBay’s community (if you could call it that) forums. 🙄

Must have went over like a fart in church. Like this eBook that was removed from Amazon.com “The Great Big eBay CON” How to buy just about anything on eBay and get your money back. I managed to grab a cache of the listing page, along with a few good comments. 😆


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