2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 Only $6400!
2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 Only $6400!

Sounds like a GREAT DEAL Huh? On top of that I will ship it to you FREE Of Charge. I’m an eBay TOP RATED SELLER and have a $100,000.00 Bond with eBay Motors.

And to make sure you are totally satisfied with this unbelievably good deal I will give you 5 days to test drive it and make sure you are satisfied!

OH YEA BABY! Just email me your Name, Address, Phone Number, and your eBay User ID. I will then contact eBay who will email you the purchase and shipping contract.

After you receive the purchase contract from eBay Safe Harbor.. RUSH Right Down to your local western union and wire eBay a Good Faith Deposit of $1200. When eBay receives the deposit they will contact DAS Auto Shippers who will ship your truck to you within 5 days tops guaranteed.

You will have 5 days from the date you receive your truck to look it over, drive it as much as you like, and have it inspected by a mechanic of your choice (at your own expense). And if by some small chance you do not want to purchase the truck, just contact eBay who will have DAS pick it up. When the truck is received back at the eBay logistics warehouse eBay will refund your deposit!

With a deal this good – how can you loose??

Another Easy Mark Fell For A CAR SCAM And LOST HIS MONEY!!
Another Easy Mark Fell For A CAR SCAM And LOST HIS MONEY!!

Of course this blog post is only a Joke 🙄

But it’s no Joke if you were NAIVE ENOUGH To FALL FOR ONE LIKE IT!!

Come on Folks.. Wizen Up! Quit supporting the scammers!

If you can’t go look at the vehicle and check it out in person – ore hire someone that can inspect it for you – pass! Don’t fall for a fraudsters phishing trap that sounds too good to be true.

Be sure to read Doc’s popular article, Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice. The butt you save may be your own!