Looks like eBay is testing another change to their marketplace

style=”font-weight: normal;”>To view an items description a buyer must click a button located where the description text or html is normally located. The description with any additional images or html code then pops up in a jquery fancybox.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>If you didn’t know it. eBay sellers descriptions are contained in what’s called an Iframe (inline frame) this is a web page embedded within a page. We wrote about how embedding seller’s descriptions in iframes was detrimental to organic search inclusion.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>Now they are obviously experimenting with visibly hiding a seller’s description. There is a button that says “click to view detailed description” after clicking a button the seller’s description pops up in a fancybox.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>Normally bots and search crawlers do not jump into iframe sets to index embedded content unless the rules have changed. So in theory a sellers description is already hidden from search bots. Here is a screen shot of the iframe. Note the rel=”nofollow” tag on the end. That tells search engines not to follow the content which is normally followed by noindex statement.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>This enhancement really makes no sense unless eBay is planing on adding other advertising in the area where a sellers description normally would be. 🙄

style=”font-weight: normal;”>Just my two cents worth as usual. 😉