suspended sellerAnother eBay fraudulent seller. From this complaint on The article comments are saying this suspended seller is allowed back after suspension to register another eBay account.

Doc has suggested eBay enable ID Verify for new vehicle sellers. It would stop a lot of this bad seller fraud. But we guess all they care about conducting seminars to sign new car dealers up.

Situations like this might explain why two of our social media sites are blocked by a robots.txt file. Someone doesn’t want the message to get out. The old shoot the messenger theory is alive and well!

We blogged about this seller last August. That post is here. 😥

Comment an hour ago: I was the one that gave you the heads up. I have been working with Detective Leonard with the Boca Raton Police department. Contact him with complaints about our friend Justin Chance Spector. This has Mail and wire fraud written all over it. Also, Justin can be reached at 561-921-7155 and 561-331-5058.

Another comment 10 days ago: I tried to buy a car from Justin this week (a nice Jaguar sedan) off of ebay (FYI his current telephone number is 813-750-7628), but there were a lot of red flags. He wanted a check made payable to “Palm Beach Classic Cars”, which sounds a lot like, but isn’t, The address he gave me to mail the check was a UPS drop box in Boca Raton, FL. I asked for a photo of the title and he sent it with a blank rear page and the title transfer signatures on the front page cropped out of the photo. I told him instead of mailing a check and him shipping me the car, I would travel to Boca to see it in person. I also emailed him that I had found his name at this web site. Since then he has not responded. So, I will save my time and my money and not go to Boca. Thanks to everyone for spotting this.

It bothers Doc to see guys like this allegedly keep on ripping eBay car buyers off! While you are here be sure to read Doc’s popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice by a Retired Auto Dealer.” The link is above on our main navigation menu. 😉