The Silicone Valley “Good Ole Boy Club” must be severely ButtHurt. Two of Doc’s social networks are showing they are blocked by a robots.txt file.

Doc’s Facebook page and YouTube channel is being blocked by a robots.txt exclusion file when performing an android device Google search. 🙁

We could possibly understand being blocked if we posted fake news indecent or immoral articles. But for over a decade has advised consumers how to avoid internet car scams as a specialty. No other website on the net offers better advice to car buyers than us.

eBay INC is the Birthplace of Internet Fraud and Car Scams. We’re sure they don’t want anyone seeing the amount of fraud we have archived since 2004. As Billy Fuccillo would say – It’s HUGE!!

android search robots block
Google search for the keyword “ebaymotorssucks” performed on an Android smartphone

We have saved countless numbers of would be fraud victims from eBay specific, and Internet car scams in general. Plus advising consumers how to avoid shady seller misrepresentation of automobiles and other items. Among other types of automotive specific fraud that is still claiming it’s victims daily.

We publish the most informative and in depth article about car buying and selling advice. Our auto buying guide is over 1500 words of information that’s not sugarcoated and reveals dirty tricks of the used car business.

People are even being robbed and murdered in their internet quest to buy cars online. Yet this good ole boy club is doing their best to shoot the messenger who is only trying to get the word out how to avoid car buying fraud!

robots.txt block of social networks
robots.txt block of our social networks. Facebook and YouTube.

It appears the internet is governed by the Silicone Valley Good Ole Boy Club. Anyone that is deemed a threat to a silicone valley corporations bottom line is silently blocked from search as these screenshot images show.

It’s not only our YouTube channel that’s being robots.txt blocked. This eBay YouTube critic who has bashed eBay since 2006 has had his main channel blocked by robots.txt as well.

crazeenydriver robots block
Google search query for Crazeenydriver. YouTube main channel showing it’s blocked by robots.txt

The message is coming in loud and clear. If you speak negatively about a silicone valley corporation (namely eBay Inc) your message will not be heard. The only thing that matters is their bottom line. Speaking of corporate bottom lines. Here’s a whole new meaning to the term spin the numbers!

If you don’t know what a robots.txt file is. Here is some info from

Oh well.. Just my two cents worth as usual.. 😉