In July 2011 motor vehicle specific consumer fraud awareness website eBay Motors Sucks was the victim of a Devastating DDOS AttackĀ that took it offline for over a week. It appears eBay Inc ordered the crippling attack.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>eBay Motors Sucks Critic Website Hit With DDOS AttackAt that time, unknown to me the FBI was investigating scammers using eBay vehicle purchase protection (VPP) brand fraud to ripoff internet car shoppers.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>This website has been warning consumers about fraudsters using brand scams to defraud online used car shoppers since the middle of 2009.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>Doc was two years ahead of the FBI when they started their investigation. He will always assume eBay was behind this attack that prevented the FBI from seeing how long eBay Motors VPP Fraud has been going on.

Who else other than eBay Inc would benefit from this attack outing the massive amount of used car fraud that was going on daily at eBay Motors?

style=”font-weight: normal;”>The attack not only took out eBay motors sucks blog, but also took out several clients on his dedicated server. Even after i parked the domain by changing the name servers, it took a good 24 hours for the changes to propagate and the server continued to be hammered.

style=”font-weight: normal;”>He tried 2 other hosts to put it back online but each time it was knocked offline as quick as it came back on. He then redirected it to his YouTube Channel which worked for a few days. But the attackers soon re-targeted his YouTube channel and took it offline too.

Here are a few Videos Doc produced while this attack was under way.

But that’s just my thoughts on the situation. šŸ˜„