Back in 2009 when GM emerged from bankruptcy they struck up a deal with eBay Inc to sell new GM cars on eBay Motors and YourGmDealer eBay Motors Sellers Account was born.

gm vehiclesDuring this period GM worked the leads and pretty much ignored the listings running on eBay Motors with disastrous results. Bait and Switch, And car already sold were most of the negs GM received.

Enter eBay member 661HenryGlen who bought three new GM Cars from YourGmDealer and left positive feedback moments later. It was alleged at the time that GM was shill buying to build feedback up. The listings were fixed price.

This blog published several articles about this fiasco. And Event Horizon 1984 followed the escapades of YourGmDealer and 661HenryGlen and blogged this very well documented article. Diamond Haus also posted this tidbit.

Yesterday i noticed eBay had removed both YourGmDealer and 661HenryGlen accounts. One minute they’re there.. Then poof they’re gone! 🙄

The below search result is showing it’s description is blocked by a robots.txt file. Querying that result showed the user 661HenryGlen was not found. Also further investigation revealed the YourGmDealer account was not found as well.

661henryglen YourGmDealer feedback blocked by robots.txt

One thing i have learned after 10 years of eBay watching is, they are very good at sweeping dirty laundry under the rug.

Back in the beginning when eBay was young and a credible honest marketplace, selling cars was great. Any dealer that worked bidders as leads and sold a listed car off of the site would be suspended. But John Donahoe apparently tossed those rules out the door.

A comment on this Automotive News post about eBay Motors is saying that eBay CarAd dealer selling platform provides the leads to work bidders off the site.

I don’t know how long these eBay members have been “Missing” but it could possibly had something to do with comments about 661HenryGlen in the below article. 😆

ebay motors comments on automotive news article about YourGmDealer and 661HenryGlen

This is yet another good example of eBay under the leadership of John Donahoe.

yourgmdealer gets another negative feedback


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Just my two cents worth as usual 😉