A friend recently tried to list his Harley Davidson motorcycle on eBay Motors using an iPad. Unfortunately for him the eBay iPad app placed the motorcycle in the toys category, resulting in the listing being removed for being in the wrong category. 😆

He then downloaded the eBay Motors iPad app and installed it, with similar results. After trying a third time to create an advertisement for his bike it got cancelled for the 3rd time.

Then he called eBay Motors support and waited on hold for 45 minutes. When a support representative finally got on the line he explained the problem. The support rep said “we’ve has a lot of complaints about that” you can not use the eBay Motors iPad app to list vehicles.

Don’t make sense that a big company like eBay has not updated their motors app to support listing vehicles. I know they have changed the motors vehicle category format to follow eBay core. Gone are the previous big photos below the sellers description. Even the vehicle URL format has changed.

After Googling up this subject i found a topic on eBay UK forums where a seller is having the same problem. It appears the main focus is chasing after Amazon. But Amazon does not sell used motor vehicles, eBay thinks they have no competition on their niche site eBay Motors.

With mobile technology being a big part of eCommerce today it’s crazy a person can’t use an iPad or iPhone app to list a car for sale on eBay.

Here are two recorded conversations made into podcasts with my friends permission. Warning the 1st one contains quite a few colorful metaphors, including a few f-bombs 😆

Seller Upset With eBay Over iPad App not working for eBay Motors Vehicles

Seller Upset With eBay Over iPad App Follow Up Call

But eBay CEO John Donahoe says mobile technology is a major part of his company’s business. Guess that does not include eBay Motor Vehicles 😎 🙄

eBay Motors could have been the largest motor vehicle selling venue on the net. But recent changes are looking like they are moving away from auto sales. Possibly burying motors muddy name, which is nobody’s fault but theirs!

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