eBay Motors Deadbeat Car Bidders
eBay Motors Deadbeat Car Bidders

eBay considers a Car SOLD when it’s auction ends with a winning bidder, or someone hits the BUY NOW Button.

In the real world a vehicle is not sold until the deal is done and paid for!

eBay advertises a FREE Car Listing on eBay Motors. If it sells pay only a successful transaction fee.

On the average that successful transaction fee is $125. Which is a fair deal if the automobile transaction is successfully closed and paid for.

“But from what i have personally experienced and read on eBay’s Motors Discussion Board that’s not always the case. eBay is well known for it’s deadbeat bidders, and eBay Motors is no exception. And at $125 per “Successful Listing as eBay calls em” is a huge profit maker for eBay.

And i wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days eBay gets caught with their pants down using Bid Bots to further pad there bottom line, as one penny auction site got busted for doing.”

Maybe some of these eBay Deadbeat Car Buyers are using eBay’s NEW Motors Specific app that eBay CEO John Donahoe recently boasted SOLD 2600 CARS Week! Which by the way is only for the iPhone and iPad, there is no eBay Motors App for an Android phone. Talk About Market FLUFF!

On eBay Motors it used to be that Auctions and Fixed Price Listings could be re-listed unlimited times, and counted as ONE Free Listing, as long as the re-list your car feature was used.

But as of 06/14/2011 eBay changed the game rules to allow 6 FREE listings (up from 4 previously) but no longer count re-lists as the same listing. They also added the following verbiage: There is no additional fee charged on the actual sale of the car after the listing closes successfully on eBay. However, you’ll be charged a Successful Listing Fee regardless of whether you carry out the sale with the buyer.

So I’m wondering if deadbeat bidders TSF will still be refundable? The way I read this announcement, the TSF will be non refundable. Sellers list vehicles to SELL them! It’s not the sellers who sport bid or otherwise never make contact to finalize the transaction. Also be advised that Vehicle auctions or fixed priced listings are considered NON Binding by eBay.

NOTE:  eBay calls their normal Final Value Fee (FVF) a Transaction Service Fee (TSF) on eBay Motors to skate vehicle sellers licensing laws.

Selling your car on eBay Motors is a crap shoot – and as the old saying goes – the house always wins!

A better choice with NO Strings Attached would be cars.com where depending on your location (defined by zip code) cars.com will give you 1 FREE listing. There is no FVF or TSF either!

But if you want to give eBay Motors a try follow these tips so hopefully there will be coins jingling in your pocket after the sale.

  • Protect Yourself! Be sure to select your bidder requirements. These include refusing bidders that have had unpaid item strikes filed against them, and reject bidders in a country you do not ship to. And especially require any bidder or buyer to have a PayPal account. This alone will help prevent a lot of bidder fraud.

  • Also if your eBay account has good feedback. It’s best to set up another account for selling your car. There is something about selling a car on eBay Motors that makes a buyer expect more than should be expected in a used cars condition. It’s not uncommon for buyers to extort money from sellers on a vehicle transaction. If your eBay account has no feedback it is pretty much feedback extortion proof. Unlike a TRS or other high feedback buyer or seller that might fold to an extortion attempt by a buyer that sees your 100% feedback score. Describe your vehicle properly and list any known defects or issues, but DO NOT let a buyer Extort Money back after the sale!

  • Lay out your terms of auction / listing in writing. Any used car that is out of warranty should be sold AS-IS with no warranty. Require a Non Refundable deposit of $200-$300 by PayPal within 24 Hours of the listings end. If your listing under the fixed price (buy now) Select an IMMEDIATE DEPOSIT required to eliminate buy-now click button fraud by deadbeat and sport fixed price buyers. I also suggest payment in full within 7 business days. Payment by Bank to Bank wire transfer is the best safest method for the seller. Cash on delivery is another option, but that opens the door to further negotiation by the buyer on arrival if the buyer nit picks the car to pieces. (a common occurrence on eBay motors transactions)

  • Provide your contact info in plain sight in your listing. This includes your phone number and email address. The whole idea is to take advantage of the eBay traffic and provide a way for buyers that might not be registered on eBay to contact you. NOTE: eBay recently restricted sellers from listing their contact info in their listings, but this does not include eBay Motors Vehicle Listings.

  • I would advise hiding your true home or cell phone number. Putting your cell or other number on eBay motors will open the door to solicitors calling wanting to sell your your car for an up-front fee! Also there are lots of bots that crawl the Internet searching for and harvesting phone numbers and email addresses. Phone numbers wind up on robot-dial solicitors of get rich quick schemes, telemarketers, etc. A good alternative is to get a FREE Google Voice Phone Number in your local area to forward your calls to your cell or other number of choice. The GV number can also accept text messages that you can respond to within your GV account. This is a great free privacy option to screen your calls or direct them to an included voice mail. While your on Google setting up your voice account, set up a Google Gmail Account to use as your email address in your listing. If you get an email, Google can send a text message to notify you it’s there. And Gmail is compatible with most pop mailers like MS Outlook and Outlook Express. But as always beware of scammers emailing trying to pull some form of scam on you. If you suspect someone might be trying to scam you Google it up.

  • Present your vehicle good.  Be sure to wash and vacuum, wax, or optionally have a professional detail done on it. Make sure you take many good quality photos. Your well worded description, including any major faults or excuses, and good photos will help to sell your car. I absolutely hate the eBay Motors photo layout where a potential buyer has to scroll up out of the photo view to select a thumbnail for viewing. Whoever designed the layout was not too bright. It would be better if the thumbnails surrounded the main photo or under it.  Besides why pay eBay for more photos, when you can set up a FREE Photobucket.com account and simply upload all your photos to an album, then select the html code and paste that into the eBay Motors SYI box under your description. Be sure to select the HTML tab before pasting your photo bucket code. Use your best photo for the EBM Gallery photo.

  • Selling an old Collector Car? Buyers in Europe love old American Classic Cars and have the money to pay for them. When selecting your bidder requirements do not block bidders / buyers from Europe from bidding. Also Bank Wire Transfer is the preferred method of payment for Europe. If you have never done this call your bank and ask about it. Personally an out of country transaction is easier for the seller than a local one. Buyer sends payment and has his own transporter pick up the car. Here is a Volvo XC-90 I sold to Moscow Russia buyer a few years ago.

  • Beware of potential buyers emails that want to pay in full by PayPal. That’s a big red flag right there. The PayPal account could be stolen and after the account holder realizes that their account was hijacked, PayPal will reverse the transaction. You could wind up with no car or money! Only accept PayPal for a small enough transaction to secure the deal until full payment can be made. And also beware that that buyer could very well do a charge back with his card company, IF the PayPal transaction was funded by a credit card. And if this happens, PayPal will not fight it for you.

  • Never accept any form of Escrow for a vehicle. There are many Fraudulent Escrow company’s run by fraudsters that steal a legitimate company’s website and reword the pages to their fraudulent benefit. Also there are also Fake shipping company’s who promise to pick up a vehicle and pay the seller for the vehicle with a cashiers check upon pickup. One such website was a Look Alike DAS Website that we recently reported. Dependable Auto Shipping is one of eBay’s preferred shippers. Be sure to never deviate from your payment terms as described in your auction.

If you have an old beater car that’s only worth a few hundred bucks, don’t waste your time trying to sell it on eBay Motors. The greatest majority of Deadbeats bid on old clunkers, and either try the old 419 Advance Payment Scam on the seller, or don’t respond after the auction has ended. But the eBay Till Goes Caching, and congratulates you on your Successful Sale! These kind of cars are best sold local on Craigslist or even a cars.com FREE listing as i mentioned above.

And if you have a problem with your transaction – chances are the eBay Motors Forum users will try and put the blame on your shoulders, and belittle you until you leave the forum never to return again.

eBay Motors Deadbeat Bidders. Forum Members Belittle Sellers And Intimidate Them Into Leaving!
eBay Motors Deadbeat Bidders. Forum Members Belittle Sellers And Intimidate Them Into Leaving!