Looks like the GM & eBay Deal was a big flop. It’s obvious the deal was never intended to complete transactions on eBay Motors like they should have been done.

But don’t let any other eBay seller try this, they would be suspended for fee avoidance!

In THIS ARTICLE by CNBC, Phil Lebeau wrote:

When GM CEO Fritz Henderson announced the trial program between the auto maker and eBay this summer, it was heralded as a bold and innovative move by an automaker coming out bankruptcy and promising not to do business as usual. And to be sure, the GM/eBay web site attracted plenty of visitors (1.5 Million) and generated a lot of searches of the GM inventory (roughly 2 million). As for actual sales, that’s tougher to track. GM says the joint web site generated 15,000 direct leads to dealers. But because the consumers behind those leads don’t always tell the dealer they first started their search on the web, it’s hard to know how many sales can directly be linked to this program?

Interesting that all those leads were farmed from eBay by direct email contact form generated leads, and by phone calls.This was a direct violation of eBay seller policy at the time.



The GM Dealers eBay Feedback Shows just how bad GM managed their eBay Account!

Oh well.. Another of John Donahoes up and coming Diamond Power Sellers Bites The Dust!

Wonder who will be next?