Another eBay Zero Feedback Member cost this Harley Davidson motorcycle seller $125.00. eBay loves scammers and deadbeat bidders that win auctions or click unprotected buy-now listings.

Their cash register goes ka-ching and sends the seller an email congratulating them for a successful transaction. At that time the seller is charged a successful transaction service fee. For this sellers Harley Davidson 281368304356 it’s $125.00 fee!

From the eBay Motors Forum:

Wondering if anyone has had something like this happen to them.

I had my Harley Davidson up for auction, with only one bid. I contacted the buyer to set up acquisition of the vehicle. The person responds back claims he is from the states but is currently in France on business, he is buying the vehicle for his “DAD” (yes, in all caps), that he can only pay through PayPay and needs my email to send funds, then will send ” a pick up agent” to get the bike and ship it to his dad for a surprise.

On my listing, I stated the buyer is required to pay for and acquire the vehicle locally, in person. Does this sound like a scam to anyone else?

Smells like a scam all the way from San Jose to Florida. 🙄 The seller should file an unpaid item strike against the buyer and get that $125 back.

Start here with this eBay help page that explains the unpaid item policy: When a buyer wins an item or uses Buy It Now to purchase an item. That buyer is obligated to complete the purchase by sending full payment to the seller.

If the buyer doesn’t pay within 2 days. The seller can open an unpaid item case in the Resolution Center. If the buyer still doesn’t pay or reach some other agreement with the seller. eBay places a unpaid item strike on the buyer’s account. Three strikes and that buyer in question’s account is suspended (NARU in eBay jargon.)

When an unpaid item case closes without payment from the buyer. The seller is eligible to receive a final value fee credit to their seller account. If the seller relists the item and it sells the second time around. eBay may refund the insertion fee for the relisting.

Excessive unpaid items on a buyer’s account may result in a range of consequences. This includes limits on or loss of buying privileges. Even if you don’t have excessive unpaid items. We may limit your buying until you’ve established a good buying history or paid for the items you’ve committed to.

Deadbeat Bidders are the lifeblood for eBay INC. The Motors division and the rest of this ePay Toilet has lost it’s trust and community values. We have witnessed and authored many articles on that subject.

Here is an article we published titled eBay Deadbeat Bidders | A Car Is NOT Sold Until It’s Paid For. And this article from 08/24/2011 showing the same scam in operation.

Another possibility is eBay could be running Bid Bots to pad their bottom line. It’s easy enough to have have a programmer write custom code to generate robotic user ID’s. Then turn those bots loose crawling the site clicking on random auctions and unprotected buy-now listings.

After the required number of unpaid item strikes the rogue bots fake accounts become suspended (NARU.) This type of fraudulent operation would be run on the companies intranet. Since the bots are running on the companies internal network, outsiders would be unable to track those bots activity.

CrazeeNyDriver who used to be the best eBay critic around complains about eBay bead beat bidders. Looks like Bid Bot ID’s to me. A bot can be programmed to do just about anything it’s told.

ebay Item 281368304356 Deadbeat Bidder
eBay Item 281368304356. 2013 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Auction Ended with a fraudulent deadbeat bidder.

We see not much has changed in the eBay deadbeat bidder department. Possibly amazon will start selling used cars. John Donahoe would be forced to clean this dump up to compete. Until that day comes we’re not holding our breath waiting for positive changes.