There used to be such great people on here and now it seems no one posts for days at a time. Is anyone left out there?

Community Forums Need Your Participation To Thrive
Community Forums Need Your Participation To Thrive!

That was a recent question asked on eBay’s Motors Forum. One poster said “People are scared to post in case they get slapped. Wishing someone Happy Birthday can get you sent to eBay jail.”

Just like the rest of eBay Motors the forum has slid downhill. who provides and manages the eBay forums is determined to keep the forum on “automotive topics” and the mods will slap a poster silly if he/she wishes another eBay member happy birthday, etc. 🙄

In this discussion about a top rated seller that took PayPal for his truck ($10,000!) a poster said this: Where are all the motors people? And one reply said “The reason there is no motors people on here is that they have all been chased away by this site.”

What eBay and Lithium don’t get is the “community aspect” of a forum like this. Folks like to get together and say hello and chat about this and that other than cars. The topic enticed others to chime in and the board grew.

We used to have a good morning thread where everyone chimed in about how their day was going etc. So many of the good posters have been either chased off the platform by Lithium mods, or just don’t feel the need to post anymore. The combined knowledge of all these people couldn’t be beat. Everyone that visited the forum got the answer they were seeking.

One of the motors forum posters came here and posted this “Refugees From EBM Discussion Board Are Here!” But I’m thinking many were afraid to post here. Surely if eBay seen them here posting it would get the posters a NARU. Of course if anyone wanted to chime in here I’d suggest doing so under anything but their eBay ID.

Oh well.. Those were the good ole days when eBay was a Credible Marketplace and TRUST was something other than a “five letter word with no meaning.” 😥

Updated 06/28/2014: A good example of eBay and Lithium who are both out of touch with whats left of the eBay community.

HEH MODERATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
‎06-28-2014 06:19 AM

Why in the world are you folks so close minded that you bounce thread by EBM REGULAR posters, such as the one about what are you doing this weekend? Have you folks become so close minded and politically correct that if it doesn’t specifically mention an auto thing, you bounce it elsewhere?? We, the people who post on this board and are car folks, are comfortable on this board. Bad enough you move the whole board for no real reason. Think about it. We would appreciate it!

And this comment is equally good as well: They are mindless robots and can not think for themselves.

Updated 07/12/14: Is eBay willing to Pay it’s members to post on the boards?

Ina Steiner published this a few days ago: In what smacks of desperation, eBay is considering compensating users in some way for posting on its boards. Each week eBay holds a chat session on a particular topic. Last week’s topic: “The eBay Community team wants to hear your ideas about rewards & recognition for Community participation.”

I have criticized Ina Steiner for not reporting eBay vehicle specific fraud in the past, but also defended her back in 2012 when her webhost was given a phishing related take down notice by eBay. But i have to admit she has a great way of airing eBay dirty laundry with a smile. Lets face it, eBay despises anyone that’s a critic, or airs their dirty laundry. The Steiner’s have been following eBay a long time and their blog is a must follow if you’re an eBay watcher.

Sorry eBay, but i have to laugh like hell at your attempt to re-popularize your forums.  When i was an eBay member the only board i frequented was Motors. It was a great board – now look at whats left of it. Looks like ole Donahoe’s “Disruptive Innovation” is working out well for y’all. 😆

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eBay Motors Sucks – What more can i say? Other than LOL! 🙄