Maybe in this scenario eBay CEO John Donahoe’s apparent transparency is not a good thing.

Since the eBay Inc announcement of a massive data breach a seller has turned up on Pastebin (a notorious site used for posting anonymously that is often used by hacktivists dumping data from hacks) offering a full copy of the 145,312,663 usernames, passwords, postal addresses and date of births from eBay.

“The seller has posted a sample of the database with 12,663 users from the APAC region including password hashes, e-mail addresses and postal addresses and is requesting payment by Bitcoin. This has naturally inspired a flurry of media coverage in the last few hours as your information appears to be on sale right now.” Read more here.

Updated 09/30/2014: This post must have stirred up a hornets nest somewhere. Check out this forum post where someone ordered an analysis of this posts overtone on Amazon Turk.

So where is John Donahoe as his users data is being offered up for sale?

ebay passwords advertisement on pastebin

I should give eBay credit i guess for sending my now NARU account an email telling me to change my password. Or should i? The headers of the below email appear to show a forgery.

Possibly eBay hijacked someone elses server to send some of the reset password emails.  One thing i know for sure the sender “ is not eBay Inc.

forged ebay reset password email source
possibly forged eBay reset password email source code showing the sender as that’s NOT

And a screen capture of the email i received. Hey eBay.. How do i reset a NARU account’s password? 🙄

ebay reset password email
eBay reset password email sent to NARU member. Hey eBay kindly un-suspend my account so can change the password!

While your here – check out this article we published back in 2007 when eBay’s pain in the ass hacker Vladuz hacked into the trust & safety forum and posted about 1200 members confidential information including credit card numbers.

As always.. Just my two cents worth. 😆