Another tale of woe from the eBay Motors community forum

Should I Sell My Car On eBay?
Should I Sell My Car On eBay?

Here is a seller who just found out the hard way he was enrolled in the eBay motors high volume sellers club.

“From the motors forum: I received six free listings in 2013 for national vehicle sales and used them. I pushed the relist button not realizing I had run out of free listings and when I saw the fee cancelled immediately. It never listed. Now Ebay Motors says I had seven listings and recategorized me as a high volume seller. Ridiculous. I’m a private person not a car dealer who buys and sells cars. I own a car, it’s for sale. This year, I got the same six free listings but when I went to list, I was charged. When I tried to talk to them, I was treated like a criminal by one seriously rude person.

No more Ebay Motors for me. Really stunned by their attitude. There are other sites I can use. Who needs to be mistreated?

Welcome to the eBay Motors high roller club.  Those first 6 vehicle listings are FREE not counting any featured, reserve, or picture pack fees. The clincher is on the average a $125 successful transaction fee. That used to be a final value fee except the DMV would have required ebm do get a dealers license. A little fancy wording by the legal team and they were good to go.

Personally the way i see it. eBay has lost it’s trust and community factor, and that was what made vehicle transactions work so well back in the good old days. Now that eBay vehicle listings are Non Binding some deadbeat or sport bidder could win your auction, or click your buy-now listing, and there is nothing you can do about it but relist again and again. But that ole eBay till goes “$caching and thanks you for your successful listing.”

I hear this ePay Toilet is fading fast and it’s about to drift off the road and die. Would someone please call a tow truck and haul it to the junk yard? 😆

ebay motors vehicle listing fees
eBay motors vehicle listing fees for both low and high volume sellers