Here are two eBay vehicle listings that are highly suspected to be fraudulent. Zero feedback sellers who tell bidders to contact them before placing their bid is big red flag .

These two eBay Motors vehicle listings are highly suspicious to be fraudulent as both have common fraudster wording. It’s the lure of a low bargain price that hooks victims every time.

The 1st is this 2012 Mercedes-Benz GL550 4Matic 4JGBF8GE7CA768348 for sale by eaglesrt8 Item number 151294012819.

The 2nd is this 2011 Lexus GX460 Premium 4×4 JTJBM7FX2B5024068 for sale by padm089 Item number 251522475245.

One listing threatens to cancel anyone’s bid that does not contact the seller first bidding. That verbiage stinks like dead phish. It’s common fraudster wording to make contact with the soon to be scam victim.

Docs ID Verify Seal Still Showing
My Old eBay ID Verify Seal Still Showing

eBay refuses to initiate ID Verify for private vehicle sellers. Or any seller without established selling track record. We have suggested ID verify many times in the past.

ID verify would have helped protect buyers last summer when many “0 Feedback Seller Scams” were operating on eBay.

And fixing eBay Motors broken VIN Decoder that allows a random series of 17 numbers (00000000000000000) or (99999999999999999.) Would be another fix that would greatly reduce fraud.

Requiring new vehicle sellers to be ID Verified is a sure way to greatly reduce fraud by scammers selling non-existent vehicles. It makes sense to enable this feature, especially when eBay gives the 1st 5 vehicle listings for FREE to a new seller they are not even getting paid on scam auctions.

Fraudsters are gaming the system and apparently eBay could care less! 🙄

The free listing gig is supposed to work like this. The listing itself is FREE but has a $125 successful transaction service fee. So if a deadbeat bidder wins your auction or clicks your buy now listing that eBay till goes Ka-ching.

eBay ID Verify Service
eBay ID Verify Service

ID Verify is a service offered by eBay that costs only $5.00 to verify your identity as a member. Most people have not heard of the eBay ID Verify Program. It is mainly to develop a true sellers identity. This helps buyers & sellers establish better trust.

You’ll get this icon that goes next to your eBay ID to prove that your verified. If your a seller, your buyer will trust you more and buy from you than your competitor. If your a buyer, than the seller is more confident that the transaction will result in a good transaction. Investing that $5 with eBay especially if your a seller, will benefit you greatly. It will pay for itself within the first sale or two.

There’s a good chance these sellers could be trying to phish car shoppers of a deposit by bank wire transfer. Read my popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” before committing to any online vehicle deal. Link below.  😉